Sobakawa Cloud Pillow Review: Is It As Good As They Say?

Can pillows really make a difference to your sleep? If you’re contemplating on getting the Sobakawa Pillow then you’re on the right page. This review reveals all you need to know about the product including good and bad plus some real user experiences to help you make a well-informed decision.

What Is It?

It is apparently more than just a pillow, the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow is a natural solution to your neck and back pain. It is especially designed to allow you comfort and firm support plus it stays cool all the time you sleep so you awake feeling more refreshed every single day.

How Does It Work?

The pillow is packed with over 10 million air beads which are intended to support your head and neck. Unlike ordinary pillows with flat surface, the Sobakawa features a contoured shape to perfectly and comfortably fit your neck and shoulders. This feature combined with the microbeads that adjust to your movements making sleeping more comfortable all night. You do not need to keep on flipping and fluffing your pillow as it gives you the maximum comfort and fit.

How Is It Unique?

Unlike ordinary pillows that lose their shape over time, this crescent-shaped pillow maintains its shape night after night. According to a test detailed on its official site, the Sobakawa Pillow’s 10 million air beads will softly cushion your head than fiber pillows, feather pillows, or memory pillows.

Other Uses

Not only is this pillow used for bedtime but it functions to help improve your sleep position and as a lower or upper back support for the following instances:

  • Long drive. Driving long distances can be very uncomfortable to your lower back so this pillow can make a great support.
  • Long hours at work. Needless to say, too much time spent sitting when at work can cause aches and this pillow can improve posture and help provide protection and relief.
  • Workout regimen. You can use the pillow for your yoga or other exercise routines that require you to lay on the floor. The Sobakawa Cloud Pillow can make a great upper back support.
  • Headache and neck spasm. To relieve stiffness or neck spasms caused by sitting in one position for a longer period of time, you can use this pillow after cooling it in the fridge. Do not let it get wet though. Put it in a plastic bag before putting it in the freezer for an hour or so for maximum cooling effect.


  • Ergonomic design. Both the shape and technology (microbeads) help relieve neck spasms, muscle tension, and back pain.
  • Lasts long. Tested alongside other kinds of pillows, the cloud pillow retains its shape night after night and does not easily flatten out or lose its shape after years of use.
  • Comfortable. Not only is it designed to conform to the shape of your neck and shoulders and cushion your head softly but it also retains its coolness keeping your head cool all through the night for maximum comfort and restful sleep.
  • Size. Everyone has different preferences so it offers various sizes from standard, full, queen to king size.
  • Pillow case. It comes with custom fit pillow case that works perfectly with the pillow’s shape and features.


  • Odor. When you have your new Sobakawa pillow, you may notice a faint odor but it is nothing to worry about since it will diminish after a few days. You can also use air freshener or put it in the fridge before using it to fade out the odor. Remember to put the pillow in a plastic bag before putting it in the freezer to avoid getting it wet.

Real User Reviews

Let’s hear what actual users have to say from other Sobakawa Cloud Pillow reviews. These comments essentially sum up the majority’s opinion on the product.

Does it work for neck pain?

Does It Really Work?

Although experiences vary among users, it is evident that it works. Many agree that it does provide a more comfortable sleep as their heads, necks, and shoulders are properly cushioned. The cooling effect is also said to provide added comfort.

Meanwhile, this pillow is not always the solution for other issues that keep you from sleeping well. For instance, if you are a chronic snorer or if you have sleep apnea, changing your pillow alone will not be enough to solve the problem. You may need other forms of remedies like mandibular advancement splints (or in other words snoring mouthpieces).

The Best Place To Buy It

Nowhere else can you get the best available deal on Sobakawa Cloud Pillow but from its official website where you can ensure a your online purchase is safe plus you’re getting the authentic pillow. You can also take advantage of the Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer which is a special limited time internet offer applicable only for the standard size.

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