PureSleep Review: Does It Really Work?

If you are considering PureSleep as a potential solution to your snoring problem, then you’ve made a wise decision by doing your research and referring to this page prior to obtaining the device. Here you will learn how it works, discover its advantages and disadvantages, and find out what actual users are saying about it based on various reviews. Read on to decide whether or not this product is worth investing in.

What Is It?

PureSleep is a jaw-retaining type of stop snoring device which has obtained FDA clearance for the treatment of snoring. It is co-invented by a dentist and an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist, and apparently has been used in clinical practice for over 15 years to treat snoring.

How Does It Work?

The soft tissue at the back of the throat relaxes during sleep which partially blocks the airway and that is when snoring begins. When the air passage is constricted, what happens next is the vibration of the surrounding soft tissue. To prevent this problem, mandibular advancement devices like this advance the jaw slightly forward to open the airway. With wider airway, the vibrations from the walls of the throat are eliminated so there is no snoring sound. No obstruction, no vibration, no snoring. That is the simple principle of Pure Sleep.

The device is composed of upper and lower pieces that are jointed together in three settings depending on your bite. Once the pieces are joined, the device has to be boiled to soften the material and make it ready for molding to your teeth. Once the unit is molded, however, the setting can no longer be changed.


  • FDA cleared. Having obtained FDA clearance signifies that it is safe for use.
  • Allows custom fitting. The unit requires boiling to make it pliable for molding to your teeth.
  • Adjustable settings. It comes with three settings for more comfortable fit.
  • Accessible. You can obtain it online or from partner dentists and physicians in USA and Canada.


  • Information about the materials used is vague. Although the official site says it is FDA cleared, it does not clearly mention which types of materials are used. It simply cited hard plastic on the exterior and soft plastic on the interiors.
  • Limited settings. Although it comes with three settings, you cannot adjust it anymore once the device has been molded to your teeth. There is no room for mistakes during preparation.
  • Eventually loses shape. It has been reported that the device loses shape quite fast and that reheating the mouthpiece does not fix it.

Real User Reviews

Gathered here are just a few excerpts from other PureSleep reviews to give you idea what actual users have experienced. The following comments describe the general opinion on the product.

Great results but…

Does It Really Work?

It is not surprising that PureSleep received mixed reviews among users as each individual is unique, however, it is also clear based on most reviews that the negative comments outweigh the positive. While the mouthpiece is designed according to sound principle which is proven to work, many users have reported that it is uncomfortable to wear and that it does not last long. Had the quality been better, we would definitely recommend this product. Considering the real user reviews which are slanted toward negative, it is best to take other brands into account.

Better Alternative

Based on our in-depth research on stop snoring devices, we have found SnoreRx worth looking into. It is a multi-featured anti snoring mouthpiece that exceeds the standards of Oral Appliances for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. It is equipped with features and technology ensuring optimum efficiency and user comfort. The device has an enviable record of safe and effective use with no single adverse effect being reported by a patient. In fact, SnoreRx has secured the top spot in our list of the best anti snoring mouthpieces based on ease of use and comfort, features, user ratings, and price. If you wish to go over the list, read the 5 Best Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces where you’ll find each brand’s strengths and weaknesses, side-by-side comparison, and where you can get the best prices for each.


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