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I have EXCELLENT NEWS in this stop snoring review! The design of the SnoreRx anti snoring device has been updated recently and it’s better than ever! In fact, I believe it is now a contender for the best anti snoring device on the market. I personally tested the new design for ten days before writing this updated review and I continue to be fully impressed with this new updated version of SnoreRx.

If you’ve used a SnoreRx anti snoring device in the past, you probably found it to be a better than average product but with just enough flaws that it did not become your favorite anti snoring device. However, I encourage you to give the new design of SnoreRx a try because they seem to have kept all the things that made the old design good and improved upon every part of the old design that people reported as a negative. In other words, they seem to have listened to their customer feedback quite well and taken that back to their engineers for tweaking.

By the way, some people have a fancier word for an anti snoring device, “mandibular advancement device.” The acronym “MAD” is also sometimes used. Therefore, if you start to look for information on this new SnoreRx design, you can search for:
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In the following stop snoring review, SnoreRx review, I will give you the details of what they’ve updated and why each update matters. I’ll also provide you with a exclusive coupon at the end of this review that will give you 15 percent off. We are getting close to the holidays so consider this an early gift ­čÖé I’m not sure though how long this will last so try to use it as soon as possible.

The New SnoreRx Is Incredibly Comfortable
I list this feature first because I know from personal experience if your anti snoring device isn’t comfortable, it will keep you awake, and you’ll likely take it out during the night. Most anti snoring devices I’ve personally tried take a great deal of time to get used to, at least several days, if not several weeks. Moreover, I’ve tried several devices where I can never fully get used to them and I end up slowly over time not wanting to use them. With the new SnoreRx, it was comfortable enough the first night for me to keep it in all night. By the third night, it almost seemed like a natural part of my mouth. I hardly noticed it at all when I was falling off to sleep. Further, it does not wake me up in any sleeping position.

The New SnoreRx Gives a Perfect Custom Fit
As soon as you take the new SnoreRx out of the box, you’ll see a difference in the internal design through the opaque outer shell. The internal structure looks like a bee honeycomb which allows it to mesh up very precisely during the fitting process. You simply soften it up in warm to hot water and then bite down on this honeycomb matrix. Once you do this, it takes on the precise shape of your teeth and gums. The advantage of this is it prevents the SnoreRx device from slipping in the mouth, the source of discomfort in many anti snoring devices.

Micro-adjustments Are Possible — This is Huge!
The most common complaint for all anti snoring devices is waking up to jaw pain. The reason this happens is when the device puts your lower jaw relative to your upper jaw out of it’s natural position. If this were to happen for only a few minutes, you would likely not experience any pain. However, when your lower jaw and upper jaw are forced out of their natural position for the entire night while you sleep (or try to sleep), then you’ll have a sore stiff jaw in the morning, especially in the area of the joint between the lower and upper jaws. Unfortunately, this can actually lead to far worse than just a sore jaw for a few days. It can lead to permanent temporomandibular disorders, also called TMD, and even persistent ear aches. If you find that an anti snoring device is causing frequent jaw pain, it would be a good idea to discontinue using it. The new SnoreRx device has a new design that eliminates this frequent problem! It gives you the ability to adjust the lower jaw relative to the upper jaw for a total of six millimeters. This is a total adjustment of about one-fourth of an inch. This is all that is necessary to put your lower and upper jaw into a perfectly natural position so you don’t get a sore jaw. In their instructions, SnoreRx suggests you start with position three, which is in the middle, and then make one millimeter adjustments as necessary to be completely comfortable. No other anti snoring device allows this degree of customization and it is well worth trying the new design for this feature alone.

Safety Features Are Top of the Line
This probably goes without saying for most people but you should always be very careful about safety when you select an anti snoring device. After all, you are placing this object inside your mouth for many hours at a time. The area under your tongue is one of the most sensitive areas of the body for absorbing liquids into the bloodstream. Some anti snoring devices, usually the cheapest ones, are made with materials that leach out toxins such as BPA (bisphenol A) into the saliva and then they are absorbed into the bloodstream under the tongue!
I would be remiss if I did not tell you in my anti snoring review that BPA is a really nasty toxin. It can cause infertility, abnormal fetal development, nerve damage, and heart issues. You also have to be careful that there isn’t some tiny parts added into the design of your anti snoring device that you could inadvertently swallow during the night!
The SnoreRx anti snoring device was developed with dental standards in mind. The material it is made from is hypoallergenic, medical grade, inert, and contains no toxins. Furthermore, it is all one piece so there are no small parts, such as a hinge between the upper and lower parts as you see in other designs, so there is no choking hazard. Many dentists endorse this product and recommend it to their patients who have difficulties with snoring. They are trained to pay close attention to safety features.

Mouth Breathing Is Easy With the New SnoreRx
With many anti snoring devices, it can be difficult to breath through your mouth. This makes life particularly difficult if you have sinus issues or you happen to be sick. However, the new SnoreRx fits in your mouth in such a way it is quite easy to mouth breath. I should also clarify that you do not have to mouth breath as it is also easy to breath through your nose or through both your nose and mouth with the new SnoreRx.

Here’s Your Exclusive Coupon For the New SnoreRx Anti Snoring Device — enter “beatsnoring” at checkout.
I am happy to be able to offer you an exclusive 15 percent coupon to make it easier for you to try the new SnoreRx for yourself. Honestly, I don’t know how long this will last but I have it for now. I would recommend you go ahead and claim it now before this option disappears. Keep in mind too, there’s an iron clad full money back guarantee for thirty days which is more than enough time to try the product and see how it works for you personally.

Let Me Sum Up For You
When I do a stop snoring review, I always test the product thoroughly myself. As a person who has snoring issues, I can always tell if the product works or not. I also like to check to see if the device is comfortable enough to keep in all night. After all, if it’s so uncomfortable that you have to take it out to get sleep, it defeats the purpose of using an anti snoring device. If a product gives even a hint of jaw pain, it does not get a good review from me. SnoreRx gave me zero jaw pain.
When I first tried the new version of the SnoreRx anti snoring device, I was very pleasantly surprised. It’s incredibly comfortable. It’s easy to customize to a perfect fit. I did not have any type of jaw pain in the morning after wearing it all night. Others in my household reported that I did not snore at all. I breathed better and felt much better rejuvenated in the morning after using SnoreRx. I’m assuming this is because I was able to get more oxygen into my system for the entire night. I also appreciate all the safety features build into this product and the fact that so many dentists recommend it. Bottom line, I would recommend the newly design SnoreRx to any of my family members and to my closest friends without hesitation.
I’m giving out the 15 percent exclusive coupons for as long as I can but I don’t know how long I will be able to do so. Use this┬álink to claim your coupon and try out SnoreRx for yourself.

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