Does Good Morning Snore Solution Really Work?

Snoring no longer has to be a perennial problem as there are anti-snoring devices that have already been proven safe and efficient. However, even with so many options available now on the market, it is still difficult to find the one that is best suitable for you. If you are considering Good Morning Snore Solution, then you are on the right page. This review details how it works, what its advantages and disadvantages are, and what actual users are saying so you could establish whether or not it is your best bet.

What Is It?

Good Morning Snore Solution is a mouthpiece devised by leading sleep researchers for the treatment of snoring. Compared to many stop snoring appliances, this innovation is apparently more comfortable, more manageable, and is far more effective. According to a randomized, controlled crossover study of the device by MPowRx for sleep disordered breathing conducted by Dr. Leslie Dort and published in the Journal of Sleep and Breathing in 2008, this device has been proven effective in more than 70% of snorers.

How Does It Work?

While the most popular anti-snoring mouthpieces are jaw retainers or mandibular advancement devices that occupy most of your mouth like a sports mouth guard, it is a small appliance that holds the tongue in a steady position so it does not fall backward into the throat which is the cause of blocked airways. Quieter and more comfortable sleep is achieved by doing the following simple steps:

  1. Place the mouthpiece between lips and front teeth.
  2. Squeeze it with your thumb and forefinger while sucking the air out.
  3. Push the tip of your tongue into the end of the mouthpiece and then release your thumb and forefinger. The process will create a seal and gently secure everything in place. Then you can relax your tongue and go to sleep.


  • Clinically proven. The official site has detailed information on the clinical trial conducted for Good Morning Snore Solution establishing its scientific credibility and efficacy.
  • One size fits all. There is no need for lengthy preparation involving heating, boiling, and molding the device to fit your mouth. Its comfortable, non-obstructive design fits everyone.
  • Good for long term use. Many jaw retaining devices require frequent replacement or as fast as three to six months whereas this tongue retainer has a lifespan of approximately one year. It may be less or more, though, depending on your personal use and care of the mouthpiece. It is easy to clean and maintain and does not wear and tear so easily.
  • Slight to no side effects. This device addresses concerns associated with other in-the-mouth appliances. Unlike jaw retainers which cause pain in the face and jaw, and damage to the teeth and gums, this device has very minor to no side effects like excess salivation or tender tongue. These effects are normal though especially during the first few times of use but are expected to diminish as you get comfortable wearing it through the night.
  • Can be worn with dentures. Mandibular advancement devices cannot be worn if you have dentures. Good Morning on the other hand is created with endentulous people in mind. You can wear the tongue retainer with or without your dentures.
  • Registered for the treatment of snoring. The device is registered with Health Canada, ARTG, and the European Commission as Class I medical device and is sold over the counter for the treatment of snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea. In the USA, it is registered with the FDA as class II medical device and is available by prescription for snoring.


  • Not for everybody. While it fits everyone, the device is not the solution for every snorer. You have to be able to breathe normally through your nose otherwise this tongue retainer is not your best bet. You should not use it if you have sinusitis or have chronic nasal congestion.

Real User Reviews

Following are a few excerpts from other Good Morning Snore Solution reviews. These comments describe the general opinion on the device.

Great but…

Does It Really Work?

It does seem to be a very good option with all the clinical data and recognition from several regulating bodies. Although experiences may vary among individuals, most user reviews are also slanted toward positive which only substantiate manufacturer claims.

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