Snoring is not uncommon to most people. However not all individuals who snore big time are proactive in finding a solution that actually works. That is not surprising though, considering the number of products supposedly designed to put an end to snoring. For your easy reference, we’ve compiled the best 5 anti snoring mouthpieces so you could soon make an informed decision and start getting quiet sleep. The following are ranked according to ease of use, features, and user ratings.

Rank No. 5 Snore Guard

Number five on our list is Snore Guard. This oral appliance comes in a one-piece design. It has inner lining similar to athletic mouthguards, that is softened by heat during the fitting process. The good thing about this device is that it has no multiple pieces and has no wires or elastic bands to connect them. The one-piece device is designed to fit most individual’s needs. While it garnered quite a number of positive reviews, Snore Guard can only be fitted by a dentist if you are in the United States. That said, you cannot easily or conveniently obtain it without going to the dentist which means additional cost. Those living in Canada, can however purchase and fit the product without the need for a dentist appointment.

Our in-depth Snore Guard reveals everything you need to know about this mouthpiece.

Rank No. 4 Vital Sleep

Next on our list is an adjustable snore mouthpiece made from flexible, non-latex, and BPA free material ensuring it is safe for use in the mouth. Vital Sleep is available in 2 sizes – regular and small. The latter is 10% smaller than the regular to accommodate individuals with small mouths. The device is designed to improve the flow of air into your lungs so you can have quiet, restful sleep.

Vital Sleep is offering a 30-day money back guarantee and one year free replacements if you purchase the device from the product’s official website.

Rank No. 3 Zquiet

Zquiet easily made it on our list because of its ease of use, comfort, and efficiency. The mouthpiece requires no preparation, meaning you do not have to boil it for custom fit as it is designed to fit anybody’s mouth but in case you need to improve the fit, the edges can be trimmed. It is also equipped with a ‘living hinge’ technology which allows you to breathe normally and freely open and close your mouth while you are sleeping. This is a nice feature considering most mouthpieces in the market do not provide that ability.

Zquiet is currently running a special offer on its official website where you can take advantage of a 30-day trial and only pay the shipping and processing fees. The site also offers some useful perks – a couple of booklets for getting a better night’s sleep.

Rank No. 2 SnoreRx

This product on the second spot is a multi-featured stop snoring mouthpiece that exceeds the recommended product performance and standards of Oral Appliances for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The device provides precise custom fit to your mouth, precise calibration for maximum clinical effectiveness and comfort, full airflow through the mouth, positive center alignment, and controlled lateral movement for maximum comfort. SnoreRx uses all medical-grade components, no hard uncomfortable acrylics, no screws or springs, rods, rubber bands, or torsion that could cause discomfort to the mouth and jaw, and damage to the teeth. This anti-snoring mouthpiece has earned plenty of favorable reviews from users and has been reported to provide quick relief from snoring.

The best price for SnoreRx is available on its official website. Your purchase there will also be protected by a 30-day money back guarantee. Additionally, you will find that the site is not after your money but after your health and safety since you will be asked a few important questions to determine whether or not the unit is most suitable for you.

Rank No. 1 Good Morning Snore Solution

On top of our list is unlike any of the previous products as it is not a jaw retaining device. Good Morning Snore Solution, a device which garnered tons of positive reviews is a tongue retainer which uses a sucking mechanism to hold your tongue to keep it from falling back into your throat while you are sleeping. By far, this type of mouthpiece has been proven to be more effective and a lot more comfortable by many snorers although if you are to use this treatment, you need to ensure that you can breathe normally through your nose. So if you have sinusitis or chronic nasal congestion, you may need to opt for a jaw retainer instead. Otherwise, it is safe, no major side effects, comfortable, and can be worn whether or not you have dentures.

Its official website offers the best available deal and the product is protected with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Good Morning
Snore Solution
SnoreRxZquietVital SleepSnore Guard
Ease of Use/

User Ratings
Where To Buy


Good Morning Snore Solution outshines any competition based on features, ease of use, and user ratings. SnoreRx comes in close second also because of its features, quality, efficiency, and comfort.

While all these anti-snoring devices are safe, it is still recommended to consult your doctor prior to investing in snoring solutions especially if you are a heavy or chronic snorer since snoring can be related to a more severe condition.

People are now becoming aware that a chronic snoring issue might just be telling the world about an underlying issue that needs to be addressed before a person suffers from a terrible health problem. My snoring solution chinstrap apparently provides an inexpensive and safe anti snoring product right in your hand but does it really deliver?

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Have you been trying one snoring remedy after another to no avail? Choosing the best solution to your snoring issues can be difficult with tons of options on the market. Remember that people snore for different reasons and remedies that work for others may not work for you. So for your easy reference we have compiled the top anti-snoring devices on the market based on user ratings, ease of use, and efficiency. A side-by-side comparison with links to where you can get the best deals is also available on page 2.

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Can pillows really make a difference to your sleep? If you’re contemplating on getting the Sobakawa Pillow then you’re on the right page. This review reveals all you need to know about the product including good and bad plus some real user experiences to help you make a well-informed decision.

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Snoring can be a very big issue if you do not address it properly. For some people, it is the reason for a more serious health problem, poor work performance, or relationship breakup. If you are yet looking for a potential solution, read further as we reveal the snoring remedies worth considering.

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